RAF Apprentices

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Trenchard Brats have remained a strong band of brothers, linked by a common understanding of the standards expected of them, and those they set themselves.

Through forming veterans associations, running exhibitions, attending parades and commemorative services and proudly wearing the Apprentice Wheel, former Apprentices ensure that future generations understand and benefit from their work.

Celebrating 100 Years
RAF Apprentices

RAF Apprentices - Celebrating 100 Years

RAF Halton is working to mark this significant centenary milestone through a range of events and initiatives.

Through media, exhibits and a range of programmes for young people, the heritage of the RAF Apprentices will be celebrated in style. Spearheaded by the Old Haltonians, the centenary year will be one for all ex Brats and their families to truly remember.

Old Haltonians
Who Are We?

Who Are We?

The Old Haltonians came together in 1983 to form an association for the relief and assistance of past Apprentice Members of the RAF Halton, Royal Navy and No.1 School of Technical Training (and their dependants) should such persons be in a condition of need, hardship or distress.

It grew to become an organisation which celebrates the illustrious past of these Brats, keeping members in touch, producing a regular magazine and organising events. A busy office at RAF Halton is manned by volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the Trenchard’s Brats never stop flying, even when they’re grounded.

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